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The Soundtrack of My Life

I got a free iPod Nano! There was a promotion at my bank last fall. After almost daily calls to my bank officer to make damn sure I met all the requirements (Thanks, Andrea!) it arrived via FedEx. I couldn't believe they came through.

So I've been loading my new Nano with my favorite music which I'm a bit embarrassed to admit can be all over the place: a ton of Christmas stuff ('tis the season!), vintage rock (Blondie, the Pretenders, The Ramones are great to run to); and, I can't help myself, also I like classic Motown (Aretha Franklin, The Pointer Sisters), chamber and symphonic (good old Bach & Mozart, of course), blues, jazz, Latin American dance music, something iTunes calls World Music. I could just go on and on. Different music for different moods, different activities. Are you the same way?

Musical taste is such a personal thing and so important to our quality of life. Since I was a kid I've been a happy but hopeless music nerd. My kids, when they aren't laughing at me, try to educate me with Muse or MGMT, which I enjoy very much but never would have found on my own.

When I want to relax Classical is the best but I also love original music from movie soundtracks. I imagine we all have our personal soundtrack going through our lives. What does your life's soundtrack sound like? Today mine sounded something like this…


  • Gabriella Gomez

    My mother is like that with her music too. My older brother and I help her out sometimes, but it isn’t like we hate her choices… it’s just that when she smothers us with one genre of music it gets to be a bit much.
    I can’t really talk about smothering with one genre though because I have been a “Pop” nerd since second or third grade. I almost feel bad that my brother had to endure the upbeat sounds of Kelly Clarkson, and Vanessa Hudgens on various rides in the car. Just recently though my musical taste extended into a different direction. My brother, he also listens to Muse, MGMT, and The Artic Monkeys, decided that it was time for me to get to know other bands beside my favorite UK band McFLY and gave me a list of several musical groups. The list went on Paramore, Motion City Soundtrack, and Death Cab for Cutie. I was suddenly astonished by the talent that extended out from the “Pop” genre and instantly began to love Alternative rock.
    So I would say my life soundtrack is more of a mix.

  • I think it’s really sweet that your family shares their love for music with each other. Thanks for your comment.

  • Well lots of it depends on the mood I’m in. But here goes a whole lot of nothing…
    LL Cool J: Anything from Walking With A Panther to Mamma Said Knock You Out
    Great Big Sea & Stan Rodgers: Nothing is finer the Maritime Music
    Everlast: Call me crazy but maybe the next Neil Young?
    Bare Naked Ladies: I’ve seen them play pool side at a Holiday Inn as well as in front of 35,000 people. The best live band EVER and when I listen to them it brings me back to my happy place. I’m in the moment. Just not sure what moment!

  • See? Just the *name* ‘Bare Naked Ladies’ puts me in my happy place much less their music which is *awesome* I agree. Never saw them live, though, lucky you.


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