Video: What is Anxiety? The Fight/Flight Response

A video from the Explore What’s Next YouTube Channel! Don’t let that awful face I’m making scare you. The video is really good. Trust me. Watch it, ‘Like’ it and share it with your friends!


  • Maureen

    Hi Dr. A, I love your new video! Love how Annie is your co-host. She is so sweet! I have heard that our pets are great anxiety-relievers … that our heart rates go down when we are near them, petting them, etc. I look forward to your next video and learning more tips on how to handle the fight or flight syndrome! (we know how much I could use those tips!!) Fondly, Maureen

  • [...] when we experience that crazy fight/flight response it is in reaction to a clear stimulus, like an unexpected letter from an [...]

  • [...] release of adrenalin!! We see or hear something scary, our brains go into hyper alert mode (aka the fight-or-flight response). We are intensely aware, and with that intense awareness comes that lovely chemical called [...]


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