The Power of Vulnerability

Ever think, “OMG! That’s my life! How the heck did they know?!” That’s how I felt when I saw this video. Feeling vulnerable lately I was astonished to find this TED talk of Dr Brené Brown speaking about her research on shame and vulnerability. She speaks directly and vulnerably (is that a word?) with intelligence and humor. That’s enough of an introduction. Take a look for yourself.

Here’s a bonus follow-up video Dr Brown did after the first one went viral. Two quotes I’ve got to share:

“Guilt is: ‘I did something shameful.’ Shame is: ‘I AM shameful.” Nice nutshell for two abstract concepts, guilt and shame, that we struggle to distinguish and struggle with, period!

And “Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.” Dr Brown herself is a living example of how that works.


  • Thank you so much for sharing this video. It is at the same time enlightening and heartwarming and yes, I recognize those symptoms. This past month, I have been so upset, that I almost walked out of my house with my laptop, my internet connection USB port, put a suitcase in the car and drive away into the sunset, never looking back.

    I realized that what she says is so true, “you cannot selectively numb emotions and hard feelings.”….what a wonderful statement! Ok, given all these facts, I will stay home and try again. Thank you so this…it is helpful!

    • For me too, Mary. That’s exactly why I posted both videos. I will listen to them over and over again because I need to remember the many ways my mind can talk me into being “safe” which is code for isolating, hobbling and numbing. Blech! I’ve had it with that!


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