A Marriage Quiz: How Are We Doing?


Do you ever take the temperature of your marriage?  Is it doing OK?  Fireworks still there?  Not bad, but not great either? Or so cold, rigor mortis is setting in? 

Marital relationships are so complex it isn't easy to determine how it's going. Dr. John Gottman, the founder of the Gottman Institute, focused on researching and restoring relationships, developed this free quiz.

And if you want to know the number one predictor of divorce, take this quiz. It might surprise you.

Photo courtesy Bram & Vera via Flickr


  • Natalie

    Those were interesting, especially the second one. My big thing with the first one, I almost wish there was a scale instead of just “yes/no” because “sometimes” popped into my head on occasion. That second quiz was very interesting and, honestly, refreshing in many ways. Thanks for posting.

  • Natalie, Your point is well taken about the first quiz. Maybe you could give your feedback to Dr. Gottman. He’s really a nice guy. I saw him and his wife speak at a conference and they were both terrific. This post was originally posted a year ago. It’s one of the most popular on the blog but I found some of the old links were defunct. That happens sometimes and unless you check I imagine people getting frustrated and just moving on. Anyway…I’m glad you liked the spruced up version. Thanks!


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