Three Health Articles Worth a Look


Health Halo Can Hide Calories – This reporter explains the mystery of why I can eat a giant bowl of popcorn all by myself and then wonder why I'm not losing weight.

Never Let Them See You Sweat – This is about as good an explanation of emotional regulation as I've ever seen. If you ever fear anxiety or anger gets the best of you, read this. 

The Six Habits of Highly Respectful Physicians – For good or bad I've been under the care of a LOT of doctors, doctors in training and nurses in my life. The best ones were the ones who simply looked me in the eye and acknowledged I had a brain. If you are a medical professional, read this. You will either feel good about yourself or learn something. If you are under medical care don't be afraid to use your self-respect to demand respect.

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  • I’m a pretty big guy. Have been all my life. Sure its the diet, no surprise there but it also must have something to do with the DNA. I mean having Norge, English, Irish, Mutt DNA must account for something. I just turned 40 and twice a week I do VERY intense cardo (Martial Arts) for 90 minutes. The rest of the week I’m running around chasing two active boys, coaching eight, nine and ten year olds soccer, etc. I’m realizing that in order to do better in my exercise regime I need to do more exercise outside of my normal routine to support my current workout to do better. So my question is when does it stop? I realize I’m not truly old… yet… but I mean when does the Dr say, “Hey, Your an old fart, enjoy yourself!” At what point does the madness of chasing my own tail end? Riddle me that.

  • This is such a great point I am writing an entire post in response. Please stay tuned!


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