Five Reasons Tele-Sessions May Work For You!

Throughout the United States and around the world, people are connecting with Explore What’s Next for therapy sessions through tele-sessions.

No longer are you limited by geography from getting the help you need!

With the use of a web video camera we can see and hear each other in real time no matter where you are on the globe.

You may benefit from tele-session counseling if you:

1.  Live in a remote place where counseling services are not available.

2.  Are living overseas for school or for business.

3.  Live in a small community where everyone knows you, making privacy and confidentiality a challenge.

4.  Your work or lifestyle requires you to travel a lot making a commitment to therapy difficult.

5.  Finding a local therapist with the qualifications you require is tough.

As long as you have a computer and an Internet connection you can download the tele-session program we use and start using it right away.

The following tips may be useful to make your sessions more effective:

    • Before the session find a private space free of distractions and potential interruptions.
    • I ask that you call me. That way I know that you are ready for the session.
    • Give yourself 5-10 minutes or so before to prepare and after the sessions to transition into your regular day.
    • It’s not necessary but for best sound quality a head set with microphone is better than using built-in microphone and speakers. We might look a little funny but you get used to it.
    • Have some paper, pens or pencils handy in case you wish to take notes or write down ‘homework’ I may ask you to do.
    • If you have phones, alarms or a radio please turn them off or put them in silent mode before the session.

Tele-sessions are more like office visits than you think. Just like face-to-face visits, we schedule our tele-sessions for 50-60 minutes. For your comfort, we do our best to create a safe space in which we can talk without distraction.

Email us at to schedule your first 30 minute consultation at no charge!

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