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  • SD

    I was watching Suze Orman last night and she had this advice. If you cannot pay with cash then don’t buy, and by cash she meant actual cash or on a credit card that you pay off 100% each month. That way you cannot spend more than you make and that is important in a recession.

  • Dear SD,
    Thank you for your great suggestion via Suze Orman. I put the advice into practice today at Linen ‘n’ Things, which, by the way is in closeout sale mode, lot’s of good deals. The trick for me was to 1) know exactly why I was going into the store; written lists help keep me on task and 2) have a budget using Suze’s directions. Retail stores know all the tricks to convince us we need much more than what’s on our list! I won’t bore you with all the things I picked up, fondled and drooled over before I gave my head a shake and moved on. Finally, I found what I needed, braced myself while the cashier rung it up and stood taller when I came in under budget!


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