Seven Rules to Surviving an Abusive Boss

Have you ever had so much trouble with a boss that going to work threw you into a panic attack? That's how I felt many years ago in one of my first jobs. 

Here is the link to a guest post about mean bosses I wrote for World of Psychology. Here's an excerpt…

"I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have at least one Boss-zilla story. A
power mad night supervisor at Taco Bell or a Nazi VP at a Fortune 500
company, it’s all the same. Post-traumatic Boss Disorder (PTBD) is no
joke. It took me a good year to stop shaking every time my new boss
asked me to his office for a conference."

If you have a story about the boss from hell I'd love to hear about it and how you overcame the trauma.


  • Send this to every College Senior in America!

  • Good suggestion! Now where’s the website for College Seniors?

  • Maureen

    OH MY GOD…My sister sent me your list of “Seven Rules to Surviving An Abusive Boss” and it was like it was written for me.
    I keep thinking something is wrong with me, that I am unable to shake myself from her grip. I no longer work for her (Boss-zilla) but she still sends me emails or something reminds me of her and I get upset for days.
    You made so many good points, I feel such relief I am not taking your list off my desktop. Thank you.

  • Dear Maureen,
    Thanks so much for your comment! It really made my day.
    Maybe I can help you ‘shake the grip’ a little faster. 1) Unless there is some reason you have to see those emails use the message filter that most servers have to throw them into the trash without your having to see them. If you don’t know how to set it find someone who does! God gave us email filters and caller ID so use them. 2) Give yourself permission to use your imagination to see that your ex-bosszilla gets her comeuppance. Imagine saying everything you’ve ever wanted to say directly to her face but never dared. Imagine the IRS making her life miserable. 3) Find a mantra to go to when you’re caught off guard by traumatic memories, “I am my own boss” or “She can’t hurt me now,” breathe deeply and focus on how brave you are to fight back!
    Best regards,


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