Entering into psychotherapy takes courage. Psychotherapy involves discussing those painful aspects of your life that obstruct your happiness. Through the therapeutic process we work together to reach your goals whatever they are. Often people come to us with the hope of overcoming depression or anxiety, gaining control of stress, building a stronger self-esteem, healing a troubled relationship or simply to find peace of mind.

Psychotherapy requires a very active participation on your part and trust in your therapist.

To be most successful, we will all work hard and you will not be alone.

Free Initial Thirty Minute Consultation

• Call us or email
• You reach us directly, no receptionist or service to go through.
• If you get voicemail we will return your call or respond to your email, by the     following business day.
• When we talk on the phone or via email we will discuss what service you are looking for and if we fit your needs.
• Schedule an appointment.

What to expect during your scheduled appointment

Face to Face or by Telephone or Skype. We will meet in the relaxed home-like setting of the office, or, if that’s not possible, use the convenience of tele-conferencing.

• Your potential therapist will listen to your story in depth, to what you are looking for and hope to find through therapy.

Answer Your Questions. We will discuss any further questions you have about the practice, office policies or your therapist’s approach.

Goals. If we decide we’re a good fit and want to continue working together we determine your goals for treatment and create your individualized treatment plan.

Extending the Session. Throughout the course of therapy, we will often design ‘homework’ to help stretch the effectiveness of the session.

Sessions are typically 50 minutes. Occasionally we may schedule a 90 or two-hour session to address a special topic.

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