Relationships of all kinds can sometimes use a boost to get back on track. It is our pleasure to work with many types of relationships:

• Couples, straight or gay
• Siblings
• Parents and adult or teenage children
• Business partners

Most relationships have the same goal: To get over, around or through the obstacles that prevent genuine regard, understanding and partnership.

Couples Counseling

You can heal old wounds and find new ways to talk to each other, increase your intimacy, and rekindle the friendship that brought you together.

You can even create a more loving relationship than you had before the problems began.

After the Affair…

In the wake of an affair, there are deep wounds that accompany the betrayal. Even though you are in pain, you may want to stay together and try to work things out. Healing broken trust seems unachievable.

There is hope. In many cases, the relationship can heal. Couples counseling can make a difference in finding resolution and peace.

Relationship Tune-Up

Couples counseling is not just for a relationship that is in trouble. Many couples use counseling as a tune-up to help keep their relationship strong. Counseling is a wonderful tool to help you stay connected to each other. Working together, you create a more loving and healthy relationship.

Pre-Marital & Early Marriage Coaching

Not really counseling, Pre & Early Marriage Coaching is designed for couples seeking the best start for their life together.

In three to four sessions you will learn and review:

• Aspects of a healthy marriage
• When the world gets in the way
• Dealing with in-laws
• Other trouble spots to look for and suggested interventions
• Enhance your communication
• Argue productively so that conflict brings you closer

With just a little investment you can make your odds for success a whole lot better in the long run.

Do everything you can to ensure that your dreams of a great marriage and a great life are realized.

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