Self-Medicating With Coffee? Could Be.

Coffee drinking linked to less depression in women.


  • Maureen

    ALLELUIA!! I always had a feeling that coffee was good for me, despite all the negative press it gets. Gotta go now and get my 3rd cup :-).

  • Natalie

    Interesting. I have pretty much stopped drinking caffeinated coffee since finding out I am pregnant. With the change to fall, I have started drinking decaf just to have the spiced creamers in my coffee. Today, because I was sick of waking up every day feeling exhausted and having a hard time moving this week, I mixed half caffeinated coffee in with my decaf. My mood was better. I felt more focused at work. I felt human for the first time this week during the day at work. I’m not sure if it was just the day or if the coffee had anything to do with it. But this is something I noticed about myself prior to becoming pregnant… mornings without a cup of coffee vs. mornings with were different. Even on a “blah” day, if I had coffee, I felt more focused and ready to tackle things.


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