Video: How Animals Keep Me Sane!


  • Hello Dr. A – I too believe that animals keep us sane, and I’m so glad to find this lovely video on your site today.

    I got an interesting comment today in response to a recent blog article that also suggested that animals – specifically horses – can help us keep our posture, and our health as well.

    Since you’re one of the few “horsey” people I know, I’m curious about your reaction to this theory, too. A reader diagnosed with a chronic disease just could not find a comfortable position for sitting – until she asked her hubby to bring in her saddle and set it up indoors over a saw horse. Worked like a charm!

    What do you think? Here’s the full article (about the health risks of prolonged sitting) followed by her comment:


  • Emma Tameside

    The amount of studies my daughter has showed me over the past year on how animals help your well-being, I may as well be an expert. She became infatuated with animals since her school had a talk on animal welfare, now I struggle to get her off the computer when all she’s reading is ten interesting facts about dogs!

    I really enjoyed your video though. I really couldn’t agree more with your points, my dog also keeps me sane. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without the companionship my border collie offers.

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