Journey Into Mindfulness


Are you ready to really get to know yourself? To get in touch with peacefulness & build resiliency? 

If so then join me on the Journey Into Mindfulness! In this 6 week course you will:

              • Learn what mindfulness is really about
              • Be able to practice formal & informal meditations
              • Incorporate mindfulness into day to day living
              • Cultivate new attitudes toward life that promote meaning & reduce stress
              • Listen, connect & work with your thoughts, feelings & senses
              • Remove obstacles to your mindfulness practice

$150 for all six weeks. Payment required in advance for registration.

Offered on Tuesday’s starting the second week in October from 5:30pm-7 pm.
Snacks included each week. Please advise Nicole of any allergies or food restrictions.

To register contact Nicole Chumsky, LMHC

585 . 737 . 4564 |

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