When Your Printer is a Brat!

Tonight we are finally getting rid of the ancient printer and installing a new one! Will the new printer be any less bratty? I am withholding the celebration until I see it work for myself. It made me think of this video I posted a while back. Sadly the video below has been disabled. Apparently they want you to see it on You Tube. So for your convenience, click here and see the the whole thing. If you anger management has ever been tested by a printer you will want to see this!


  • SD

    Dr Aletta,
    That is great!!!! I know the feeling as well.

  • Terri

    This is HILARIOUS! Oh my gosh I was laughing so hard when I watched this!
    I instantly committed this to memory and a few days later I remember being on the phone with one of my friends and trying to print something and of course my printer was… being a brat. I turned it on and off about two time and then just decided to give up after giving it a slap, the whole time complaining over the phone to my friend who was just laughing at my childish behavior.
    I then walked away from my printer, mad and defeated, back into my room and over to where my laptop sat on my bed only to hear my printer begin to start to print. My ears instantly perked up and I looked down at my laptop screen only to see my printer window say boldly “NO JOB PRINTING” it was strange and supposedly technologically impossible but my printer was printing. So I wasn’t about to question or stop it.
    Thanks for posting this and making it easier to restrain myself from unplugging my printer and chucking it down the stairs.

  • Terri,
    I hear you! It’s happened to me more than once. I give up ever seeing the print out, leave the office, go home, go to bed, only to find it waiting for me in the printer tray the next day!
    Can printers be passive-agressive? Yes!


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