Executive & Professional Coaching

 In any business, your most important resource is YOUR PEOPLE!

Dr. Aletta is not just any Executive Coach. In addition to being a seasoned clinical psychologist, she is a business owner herself. As an entrepreneur, Dr. Aletta knows first hand what it takes to build a brand, grow a successful business from nothing and keep it thriving on the cutting edge.

Studies show that 40% of new leaders fail within the first 18 months of promotion and the primary reasons are interpersonal and behavioral. A new leader is more likely to succeed when they participate in both training AND coaching.

Training improves outcome 20%; when combined with coaching, outcome improves 80%.

Executive coaches contract with business decision makers to optimize their organization’s leadership, management performance and development. assist the client achieve a mutually identified set of goals to improve his or her professional performance and personal satisfaction

Executive coaching helps leaders and manager develop skills, promotes well-defined vision, growth, and change.

Qualified psychologists, like Dr. Aletta, have unique expertise to help individuals and teams develop their professional growth and development, especially in these areas:

      • People skills and emotional intelligence.
      • Identify and leverage your employee’s unique personality strengths.
      • Learn how to motivate, manage conflicts and build successful teams.
      • Conflict resolution.Build trust. Tamp down rumors. Minimize team in-fighting.
      • Learn how to address conflicts quickly and effectively with strategies to bring people together.
      • Vision and Alignment: Transform organizational culture to better sync with corporate values.
      • Executive presence. Groom a gifted manager with extraordinary analytical skill, but abrasive communication style for leadership.
      • teaches employees to lead by leveraging their unique strengths
      • Develop the manner, appearance and interpersonal style of the leader before they damage relationships with business partners, colleagues, and supervisors.

Dr. Aletta provides executive coaching, team building, talent selection and assessment, and other training to high level business leaders. With 20+ years previous experience as a clinical psychologist, Dr. Aletta is an excellent listener who quickly grasps the underlying issues with which individuals and teams struggle. She helps leaders and teams identify needs, discover and use their strengths. She excels at improving communication within teams, and she specializes in helping decision makers develop leadership agility and executive presence. As a licensed psychologist, she is particularly skilled in using assessments for hiring and selection. Her home base is in Buffalo, New York.

Dr. Aletta has expertise in using effective assessment tools such as the People Map, the CPi260, the CPi360, FIRO and more. She will meet at your or her office, on the telephone or via video-conferencing.

Call Dr. Aletta today. 716.308.6683

Dr. Aletta works with:

      • Owners, C.E.O.s and upper management executives
      • Family businesses
      • Businesses in transition
      • Start Up Entrepreneurs


“Dr. Aletta inspires confidence in one’s self. She understands the doubts and excitement that come with entrepreneurial/career endeavors. She quickly assesses who you are, what is holding you back and coaches you through overcoming your obstacles. I left each discussion energized and motivated to tackle the tasks ahead.” ~Gerred H.Howe, Investment Analyst, Washington, D.C.

“Elvira conveys wisdom and thoughtfulness to those with whom she works. It is clear that her professional experience in dealing with patients compliments her ability to work with [executive] clients, and that she takes great care to provide recommendations only after careful consideration of the situation.” ~Paul Buckley, President, CEO, Applied Sciences Group

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