Excessive Calm A Symptom Of Swine Flu!

Last spring Stephen Colbert did a brilliant spoof on the pandemic of panic about swine flu, which the government wants us to henceforth call "the H1N1 virus formerly known as swine flu."  Seriously, we don't want the pork industry to suffer collateral damage and pork sales are already down.

By the way, what did I have for dinner last night? The new white meat! Yes, I had pork tenderloin deliciously prepared with spiced apples. Yum! Yeah, I not vegan.

Back to Stephen: the YouTube video doesn't have all the video but the audio and stills is enough to get the picture.

As you watch, be sure to laugh into your sleeve!

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  • SD

    Dr Aletta,
    I saw one of the TV Doctors this morning on the Local New York City News and I found it so funny that he said as far as wearing the masks – you can go ahead if you like but the germs are so small they can get right through the fibers of the mask. I just found that an extremely funny way to say you don’t really need to wear a mask.


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