This Man Is Still Married!


You've got to admire passion even if it's really out there. A lifelong trekkie, (yes, I am) I do understand the fascination. The guys in this article boldly go where most would never dare because if they did their wives would kill them.

Getting Their Kirk On

Photo courtesy Stuart Isett for The New York Times


  • SD

    Dr Aletta,
    You a Trekkie? Wow. I have to admit that I have never even watched any of the Star Trek shows or movies. Maybe I should make a point to see at least one?

  • Maybe not a put-on-a-Klingon-suit-and-go-to-a-convention type Trekkie but definitely a ‘know all the shows (not the movies so much) and the characters and plots’ Trekkie.
    If you’ve never seen the series before (amazing!)start with the original with Captain Kirk, Spock and crew, or go directly to Star Trek: the Next Generation, which I have to admit are my favorites.
    A really fun movie which spoofs the whole Star Trek thing is Galaxy Quest!


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