Dr. Aletta to be the Expert on Chronic Illness at CafeMom

Join the discussion at Ask the Expert: Coping with Chronic Illness

CafeMom invited me to be their expert for Ask the Expert week the week of July 19th. The topic is rearing kids when you have a chronic illness. I am still catching my breath over this honor. CafeMom is a huge deal. Rebecca Phillips, the editor who contacted me said:

In case you're not familiar with the site, CafeMom is the leading website for mothers, reaching 6 million unique moms each month. Moms post more than 300,000 pieces of conversation in our groups each day. We have thousands of mothers on the site seeking tips and support, and it would be great to introduce these moms to your work. You can also find out more about CafeMom from this segment on Good Morning America last week. (See the video below.)

It took me a moment resist the urge to hyperventilate. After getting my head out from between my knees, I accepted the fact that, yes, I AM AN EXPERT! and the excitement took over.

What a thrill, to be able to reach that many people who are looking for reassurance, information, validation, support, counsel, direction, an affirming voice! It is a big step in the fulfillment of a dream for me to lighten the hearts of people living with chronic illness. To be in the presence of that many women, and some men, too, who have their own stories to share of triumphs, big and small, just lights me up! 

Mark your calendars for the week of July 19th! Check out the Coping with Chronic Illness group on CafeMom and please share your questions and comments on this important subject below! There will be more to come!


  • SD

    Congratulations. I am sure you will be great and they will keep asking you back.

  • Thank you, SD.

  • Dylan

    Congrats Congrats Congrats!! You will be great, and so many people will be helped by your expertise!

  • Dylan, You are so kind to say so. That is my wish.

  • Maureen

    Dr. Aletta, I am so happy the hear the news that you’ll be the Expert for CafeMom’s Chronic Illness group. I am a CafeMom member, although not too active there. I’m in the Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia group, but wasn’t aware of the Coping with Chronic Illness group — I’ll be sure to check it out! I hope to make it on July 19th … and by the way, you are an Expert indeed!

  • Maureen, You are a doll! Thanks for the vote of confidence! BTW, If you or someone you know is living with chronic illness, I would love to hear your story. How do you manage? What lightens your heart? Please email me at draletta@explorewhatsnext.com!


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