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act-on-depression-mobileACT On Depression is a group that teaches and encourages a gentle way of dealing with depression based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, or ACT.

ACT On Depression is designed to help adults eighteen years old and older who have experienced an episode of depression and feel they could use some help staying on the road to recovery.

ACT is a mindfulness-based cognitive therapy shown in numerous research studies to be effective in treating depression. The goal of ACT is to increase peoples’ capacity for psychological flexibility and resilience in the face of difficulty and distress through mindfulness practices and other experiential exercises.

Unlike models of cognitive and cognitive behavioral treatment that focus on changing the content of “irrational beliefs” or “maladaptive thoughts,” ACT emphasizes increased awareness and acceptance of the thoughts that are part of the experience of depression while supporting taking action in valued life directions.

ACT On Depression is a primarily a skills teaching group. We will emphasize learning and practicing mindfulness skills and engaging in other experiential exercises that support getting unstuck and moving forward. There will be suggested practices for the days between groups. Participants will reap the most benefit by practicing regularly at home. Part of each group will be spent reviewing the previous week’s practice. Please don’t let the idea of practicing between sessions deter you if you’re interested.

There will be no judgment if you struggle with practicing regularly, just an invitation to bring awareness, curiosity and willingness to explore the obstacles you might encounter.

In the ACT On Depression group you will:

      • Be provided with an overview of the ACT “hexaflex” model of psychological resilience,
      • Learn skills to deal with painful thoughts and feelings effectively so that they have less influence over your life,
      • Clarify what is truly meaningful to you–your values,
      • Learn to take action in ways that move you to live more fully with those values, with less interference from the familiar obstacles of your experience of depression.

The Group Leader, Dr. Amy Brook, is a seasoned psychologist with in-depth training and experience in the ACT model and practice.

$500 for all ten sessions if registered by October 28, 2016.  $550 after October 28

Meetings will be on Tuesdays at 5:15-6:45PM

Start date Tuesday, November 1; No regular session on 12/27

For more information or to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Brook

Call: 307.278.9040 Email: 

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