Alla Andelman, Psy.D.

fullsizeoutput_aa6Life can be challenging. Trying to improve things on your own can feel overwhelming or impossible, and you may feel like giving up. Regardless of the severity of your struggle, having professional support can be just the thing you need. I believe that to get through the difficulties of life self-empowerment is required. My job is do just that, to help get your confidence back and on the path to the life you want.

I have worked with adults, with veterans, with students figuring out their future, and retirees seeking fulfilling second acts. I have treated mental illness from mood disorders to PTSD, and more. I am experienced with multiple therapy models, including CBT, DBT, interpersonal, and existential therapy. Based on your needs, I use a mixture of these skills; we determine the goals for your therapy together.

To tell you a little bit about myself, I am an immigrant to this country. I arrived in NYC when I was a little girl, and grew up in Brooklyn, NY. I went to CUNY Hunter for my undergraduate degree, and then moved to Ft Lauderdale, FL for my doctorate (NSU). I came to Buffalo, NY for my internship, fell in love with this city, and decided to stay. What can I say? I love the challenge of extremes, and of unique change. With my own journey, I have experienced some unique struggles and some very common ones. I like to say that I “practice what I preach,” and only offer skills and techniques I have tried and use myself or know for a fact help others who have different preferences and abilities. From my own experience, I know that until I am ready to try something, there is no amount of (loving) pressure in the world to get me to do a thing.

When you are ready to try again, I am ready to help you find self-empowerment to create the life you deserve. When you are ready, please call my office and we can begin.

Call at 716.249.1024 or email me at to schedule your initial consultation!
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