25 Ways to Liberate Yourself This Independence Day

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created
equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable
rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."


Photo courtesy of James Jordan

In my lifelong pursuit of happiness I have learned that the more I lower the volume on those other voices in my head shouting their crazy expectations at me, the happier I am.  The truer I am to myself, the more I listen my own true voice, the lighter, more liberated I feel. 

Lately I have been working harder at identifying stuff that weighs me down and declaring my own independence from said stuff. And guess what? Not only do I feel better, happier, I lost six pounds!!! I literally feel lighter, no kidding. This is truly something to celebrate!

So let me share with you some of the things on my list of tyrants upon which I am waging my own private revolution and please add your own in the comments! Maybe we can get up to 50!

  1. Staying in someone else's shadow.
  2. Television.
  3. Cable news in particular.
  4. The Twilight Saga. (Read the parody; so funny)
  5. From emotional vampires.
  6. Farmville.
  7. The Scales.
  8. From thinking "Who do you think you are?" in a bad way.
  9. Staying inside. Air conditioning can be its own prison.
  10. Frowning.
  11. Restrictive diets.
  12. Alcohol, pot and junk food. Yes, that's three for one.
  13. From shoulda, coulda woulda.
  14. Pleasing others over myself.
  15. Really ugly underwear.
  16. The Crackberry, iPhone or other smartphone of choice.
  17. Soda, diet or sugar laden.
  18. From thinking you're not good enough.
  19. From settling.
  20. Denying myself the things that I love.
  21. From other's expectations.
  22. Clutter.
  23. From thinking our dreams are unattainable.
  24. Whining.
  25. From Fear. The Queen Mother of all tyrants.




  • A couple of additions…
    26. From cynicism
    27. From toxic people

  • Good ones, Bruce! You made me think of
    28. Sarcasm.

  • SD

    Dr Aletta,
    How about not always being the peace maker. And of course Cookie Dough.
    Congrats on the 6 pounds

  • I love it, SD! So that’s
    29. From being the ‘peace maker.’ (As a middle child I know what you mean.)
    30. From cookie dough. And brownies.
    And what do you think about:
    31. From eating to keep from hurting someone else’s feelings.

  • SD

    That is a good one. Or on the same line not throwing something out someone gave you because you don’t want to hurt their feelings even though you will never use the item.


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