50 Going On 13: Michael Jackson’s Legacy

It’s hard to know how thoroughly Michael Jackson dominated our lives during the 80′s unless you lived through it. The movie 13 Going On 30 does a good job showing just how much Michael meant to millions of people and he’s not anywhere on the screen. I hope you enjoy this clip.


  • SD

    Dr Aletta,
    I was fortunate enough to have seen Michael in concert live in 1984 in Rich Stadium in Buffalo New York and I was at the Superbowl in the Rose bowl in Los Angeles when Michael performed in the half time show. Both times I was amazed by his talent. He was a showman and artist.

  • Natalie

    I’m so sad about Michael’s death. I was little when he was “huge,” but I grew up with him. My siblings… mainly my sister… listened to him when I was little. Then I was a huge fan when he had his comeback in the 90s (with “Black or White” or “Heal the World”). I have his less popular CDs that he released in the last 10 years. His music puts a smile on my face and I still don’t believe it when I hear he passed away. Granted, his life took some not so good turns and he lived a very eccentric and introverted (and weird?) life… but I feel so sad that he has passed away. Not to take anything away from Farrah Fawcett either… both are sad deaths. But Michael was a HUGE part of my childhood, and Farrah wasn’t for me.
    Sad day yesterday all around. And I love 13 Going on 30 and the Thriller dance scene! And, I’m jealous that SD got to see him in concert.

  • I know! Not once but twice! I remember him as a little boy, too, when he was beyond cute and talented? Off the charts!


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