5 Articles for Mothers’ Day

The Explore What’s Next blog is over four years old!  A lot of Mothers’ Days have come and gone. Here is a collection of the Mothers’ Day posts I’ve written, some from the perspective of an adult child whose mother has passed away.

May you have a lovely day!  Whether you gave birth to your children, adopted or married into them, just became a mom an hour ago or have great-grandchildren, are a mommy to animals instead of humans– even if you are a single dad who operates ‘in loco momitis’, celebrate in your heart the great adventure of motherhood.

What I Didn’t Know ABout Mothers’ Day

A Bittersweet Mothers’ Day

A Happy Mothers’ Day to All

Postcard to My Mom: Wish You Were Here

Whatever happens, please have a Happy Mothers’ Day!

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  • Hello Dr. A and Happy Belated Mother’s Day to you. Thanks for these five links to your posts on mothers and motherhood. The fifth one (“Whatever happens..”) was the one that made me cringe.

    Yesterday, I turned into one of “those mothers”, feeling very sorry for myself because a rare brother-sister spat between my two grown kidlets was threatening to ruin MY SPECIAL DAY.

    As with most spats, everything was patched up in time for all of us, including their wonderful spouses, to enjoy a lovely brunch out together, a seaside walk in the sunshine, and even an unplanned trip to the movies – “Water For Elephants”, a good Mother’s Day choice! – when unexpected rain started falling.

    The day’s happy outcome actually made me feel a bit embarrassed and sheepish afterwards about my unrealistic expectations of “perfection” over this one short little day. Yes, yes, yes, I know that it’s the OTHER 364 days a year that matter in “the great adventure of motherhood” as you say – how we treat each other, the love and caring and fun and animated debates and, yes, even those spats.


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