Treatment for Chronic Pain

The NY Times followed up their previous articles with the last in the three part series.  This one focused on the treatment of chronic pain.  Unfortunately only two little paragraphs were dedicated to the talking therapies, cognitive behavioral therapy and relaxation.

The Day After Thanksgiving: Black Friday

It was my goal today to do everything possible to avoid a store.  For me the day after Thanksgiving is a day to relax and putter, that gentle art of doing little tasks in a lazy manner.  Standing in line at Kohl’s at 4AM to grab a deal has got to be the antithesis of relaxed.  Is it just me or was the Black Friday hype worse this year?  Traffic reporters shouting about gridlock around the malls; economic pundits predicting the state of the GNP based on sales at Penny’s; television commercials pushing pre-dawn shopping as if it were an invitation to a party and not the feeding frenzy it really is.  OK, that sounded judgmental.  There must be people out there who enjoy the blood sport of extreme shopping.  To these intrepid individuals who keep the American dollar afloat,

God bless you, every one!

You’re Not Making It Up: Chronic Pain

Those of us who have or are experiencing chronic pain of any kind know how frustrating and fatiguing it can be. 

A recent series of articles by Jane Brody in the New York Times outlines suggestions for how to cope.  A link to Part One and Two of Three:

Living With Pain That Just Won’t Go Away.

Chronic Pain: A Burden Often Shared

New Web Site!

There is a lot of "New" going on!  Explore What’s Next will have a new web site soon.  While construction goes on behind the scenes, a temporary page featuring the new site designed by Stephen O’Bryan can be viewed at  Steve and his associates are putting together a whole "look" for me which will include business cards, letterhead and other marketing material.  It’s been a lot of fun putting the site together.  What’s especially amazing is we’ve never actually met.  He lives and works in California while I’m headquartered in New York.   I just love telecommunications.  So please check out the site.  Even though it’s just a one page baby I’m a proud parent and have to show it off.  If you hate it I don’t want to know but if you love it, please comment, comment, comment!

Simple Inspiration

While many popular self-help books are of dubious authority, there are a few that present a concept so simple in its wisdom we smack ourselves on the forehead and think, “Well, duh!”  Even so, when there is pressure in our lives we need reminding, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff–and it’s all small stuff

Lit from WithinThis book is currently on my night table.  In short, easy to read passages Victoria Moran brings a fresh outlook to taking care of ourselves.  Her premise, we can all be gorgeous on the inside with the right self-care and that inner beauty radiates to the surface. Somehow she even turns the old “take a bath and soak away your troubles” ploy into a brand new strategy for bringing out inner

About how our dwelling ought to be about more than just furniture and pretty accessories. Shelter for the Spirit: Create Your Own Haven in a Hectic World

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